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Headteacher’s Welcome

A warm welcome to St. Benedict’s Catholic High School, an academy which is proud to be part of the Holy Family Catholic Multi Academy Company (MAC).

St. Benedict’s is a happy school in which the principle of developing the ‘whole child’ underpins many of the school’s distinguishing characteristics: that we want our pupils to develop a personal vision and sense of integrity; to be kind and polite; confident and when appropriate, step out of their comfort zones.

Being a successful school is about providing the best possible education – one that creates a ‘thirst’ for life and nurtures the talent and confidence to live it to the full. St. Benedict’s develops pupils who have high standards, aspirational goals, a personal vision, a sense of integrity, and gospel values, nurtured by exceptional teachers who are inspirational in their chosen fields.


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We are committed to blending academic excellence with an enormous range of opportunities on offer beyond the classroom. Our enrichment programme fosters endeavour and commitment which complement leadership, teamwork, trust and kindness. The wide range of activities ensures every pupil can grow and develop, whatever their interests and talents.

St. Benedict’s provides a world class education in which the scope of opportunities is endless. Our school has a purpose to challenge, educate and inspire its students within a caring, forgiving and supportive environment, where we learn and grow through our Catholic faith.

The St. Benedict’s ethos is our cornerstone which we seek to put into practice every day.

St Benedict’s Catholic High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.